Careers at JuiceInnov8 

JuiceInnov8 is a university spin-off biotechnology startup with key focus in food space. With a mission to reinvent juice industry by creating a better & healthier juice with less sugar & lower calories, we build a platform of sugar reduction technology that helps beverage producers reduce naturally occurring sugar while maintain 100% juice content.

Open Positions



Junior Fermentation Scientist/Engineer

(Full Time - Bangkok, Thailand)

We are looking for young & energetic fermentation engineers/scientists with microbiology, biotechnology, bio-processing or biochemistry background to join the fermentation team at JuiceInnov8.

You will be working on biomass production and development of natural sugar reduction process in juice with multiple microbial strains with key focus on the following tasks;

  • Work with the fermentation team in optimizing sugar reduction process & sensory
  • Operate bio-reactors from lab scale to pilot scale for sugar reduction and downstream processing
  • Select and test new strains from library and identify optimal conditions for cell production and sugar reduction
  • Collaborate with Bio-process Design & Scale-up team for a large-scale production


Junior Strains Development Scientist/Engineer

(Full Time - Bangkok, Thailand)

We are looking for young  & talented engineers or scientists with molecular biology, biotechnology or microbiology background who are interested in strains  improvement to join the strains development team at JuiceInnov8. 

You will be working on strains improvement, new strains screening and biomass production optimization. Here are your key challenging tasks;

  • Screen& isolate new strains to expand our microbial  library 
  • Strains improvement with non-GM methods
  • Research & identify critical growth factors for each candidate strains 
  • Collaborate with our Fermentation team for biomass production 


Director of Business Development

(Full Time - Bangkok, Thailand)

We are looking for a talented & agile business development with background in CPG/FMCG or consulting industry, who are interested in accelerating our mission to turn a deep science technology platform into hands of everyone and everywhere.  If you have passion to be the one who brings Thailand's most promising deeptech startup to global markets and turn a young company into an empire, this place is built for you.

You will lead a business development team and work closely with the CEO to collaborate with our customers, identify new potential customers & markets and cooperate with investors both venture capital and corporate venture capital.

  • Direct report to the CEO, turn the customer requirements/management initiatives into perfect executions 
  • Conduct deep-dive analysis & for new customers acquisitions in targeted markets
  • Be the spoc for key stakeholders from investors, customers to regulators
  • High tolerance for jet lag, keen to travel abroad


Currently no open position


For engineering & science students with background in molecular biology, biotechnology, microbiology, food science, bio-chemical engineering or related fields, who are seeking for experience in practical research & engineering, send your CV to

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